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With over 500 student organizations on campus, we have chosen to highlight a few that are geared more criminology. For more information on what organizations the University of Florida has, please visit the Student Activities Center.

Criminology & Law Honor Society

The Criminology & Law Honor Society (CLHS) is an honorary society open to all majors and minors who have career interests in criminology, the legal field, or law enforcement. CLHS is one of the most active honorary societies on campus with involvement including meetings with guest speakers, socials, and intramural sports. Applicants must have completed six hours of criminology courses (with a prefix of CJE, CJL, or CCJ) with a GPA
of 3.2 or higher, prior to becoming a member.

Pre-Legal Honor Society

The UF Pre-Legal Honor Society (PLHS) is a 100+ member organization that works to join together students interested in law careers, and to provide them with invaluable opportunities and information. PLHS orients undergraduate students to the legal profession, entrance into law school, and aids in their transition from college to law school. Members must have a 3.2 GPA.

UF Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity

This organization provides an effective, cohesive forum to promote the principles, ideals and precepts of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity (P.A.D) for pre-law students. The fundamental objective of P.A.D.’s Pre-Law Program is to assist undergraduate students to make an “informed choice” in selecting law as a career, deciding which law school to attend, and in┬ápreparing for the rigors of law school.

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