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Graduate Student Organizations

Graduate students at the University of Florida have the opportunity to participate in several active organizations. Listed below are those our students are most commonly involved in. To find more student organizations, visit the Department of Student Activities.

The Aggregate

The Aggregate is comprised of sociology graduate students at the University of Florida who are focused on social events and professional development. We organize workshops and other events to enhance graduate student learning and development, as well as to provide opportunities for graduate students to socialize. You can also find out more about The Aggregate on Facebook.

AY 2017-2018 Executive Board

  • President: Kirsten Fitzgerald
  • Vice President: Sarah Boeshart
  • Secretary: Jessica Casimir
  • Treasurer: Anne Mook
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chuck Peek

The Syndicate

The Syndicate aims to promote the interests of Graduate Students enrolled in the University of Florida’s Criminology, Law and Society Graduate Degree Program. The Syndicate hosts workshops and events and service drives to promote communication between criminology and law faculty and graduate students, to provide opportunities for professional development, and to provide assistance and mentoring to incoming criminology graduate students.

AY 2017-2018 Executive Board

  • President: Stephanie Mintz
  • Vice President: Daniel Acton
  • Secretary: Lauren Henry
  • Treasurer: Tom Smith
  • Communications: Amanda Lewis
  • Program Coordinator: Abby Novak
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Abby Fagan

Florida Society of the Social Sciences (F3S)

The Florida Society of the Social Sciences is a graduate student-run organization that facilitates professional development and research within the social sciences. This is an interdisciplinary group that provides opportunities for growth and student learning. F3S hosts a yearly graduate student conference for students to showcase their ongoing research. For more information, join the F3S Facebook group.

AY 2017-2018 Executive Board

  • President: Stephanie Dhuman (Sociology)
  • Vice President: Morgan Sanchez (Sociology)
  • Secretary: Montana Sewell (Counselor Education)
  • Treasurer: Charlotte Bolch (Statistics Education)
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sophia Acord

Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC) of the Department

The Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC) is advisory to the Chair and the Graduate Coordinator on matters regarding graduate student interests. The president of the Aggregate and the president of the Syndicate are appointed members. Graduate students elect a representative of the M.A. Program in Sociology, a representative of the M.A. Program in Criminology, a representative of the Ph.D. Program in Sociology and a representative of the Ph.D. Program in Criminology. A new GSAC is formed each April for the following academic year.

AY 2017-2018 Representatives

  • Criminology M.A.: Amanda Lewis
  • Criminology Ph.D.: Kristen Benedini
  • Sociology M.A.: Stephany Anzueto
  • Sociology Ph.D.: Ryan Thomson
  • Aggregate President: Kirsten Fitzgerald
  • Syndicate President: Stephanie Mintz

Graduate Student Council (GSC)

GSC serves as a liaison between University of Florida graduate students, the UF administration and UF Student Government. Funded by UF Student Government and, in part, by the UF Graduate School, GSC is a voice for graduate student needs and travel. General body meetings are held on the third Thursday of each full month of the Fall and Spring term. For updates on current activities, you can follow the Graduate Student Council on Facebook.

Graduate Assistants United (GAU)

Graduate Assistants United was founded in 1972 to improve the lives of all Graduate Assistants during their time at UF. As a recognized labor union, GAU gives Graduate Assistants the right to negotiate the terms of our employment through a contract with the University of Florida. Through GAU, we have won tuition waivers, free health insurance, regular pay increases, paid sick leave, due process rights, and a formal grievance procedure to enforce these rights. You can follow GAU on Facebook or Twitter.