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Sociology and Criminology & Law

Recently Graduated Students

Kelsey AntlePh.D., Criminology & Law, 2015

Dissertation: Examining the Effect of Paternal Incarceration and Incarceration Length on Child Behavior via Mediating and Moderating Mechanisms

Mentor: Dr. Marvin Krohn

Placement: Adjunct Instructor at University of Florida

  • M.A., Criminology & Law, 2015

    Mentor: Dr. Richard Hollinger
  • Joshua BehlPh.D., Criminology & Law, 2016

    Placement: Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences at Flagler College
    Molly BuchananPh.D., Criminology & Law, 2016

    Placement: Visiting Teaching Faculty, College of Criminology & Criminal Justice at Florida State University
    Kenna CarlsenM.A., Criminology, Law, & Society, 2019
    Erin CastroPh.D., Criminology, Law, & Society, 2019
    Justin CoranPh.D., Sociology, 2015

    Dissertation: Using Conjoint Analysis to Estimate Patients’ Selection Preferences for Hospitals and Surgeons

    Mentor: Dr. Tanya Koropeckyj-Cox

    Placement: Senior Analyst at Case Western Reserve University
    Elise CostaPh.D., Criminology, Law, & Society, YEAR

    Placement: Employed by the National Governors Association as a Policy Analyst
    Andrea DavisPh.D., Criminology & Law, 2015

    Dissertation: Unmasking the Unraced: A Study of Whiteness and Punitive Correctional Policy Preferences

    Mentor: Dr. Lonn Lanza-Kaduce

    Placement: Federal Government
    Beidi (Derek) DongPh.D., Criminology & Law, 2015

    Dissertation: Analyzing Developmental Pathways of Gang Membership: Risk Factors, Turning Points and Consequences

    Mentor: Dr. Marvin Krohn
    John EasseyPh.D., Criminology & Law, 2016

    Placement: Assistant Professor, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Missouri State University
    Ronald FloridiaPh.D., Criminology & Law, 2015

    Dissertation: Social Learning Theory and the Training of Retail Loss Prevention Officers

    Mentor: Dr. Richard Hollinger
    Lauren GilbertPh.D., Sociology, 2015

    Dissertation: Prostate Cancer Advocacy in Black Communities: Reaching Communities, Disrupting Gender, and Leveraging Social Networks and Organizations

    Mentor: Dr. Barbara Zsembik

    Placement: Research Coordinator 2 at University of Florida Health Outcomes & Policy and Institute for Child Health Policy
    Cristobal GonzalezM.A., Sociology, 2015

    Thesis: Exploring Worker Centers: The Impact of the Farmworker Association of Florida as a Worker Center in Pierson, Florida

    Mentor: Dr. Charles Gattone
    Lauren GriffinPh.D., Sociology, 2015

    Dissertation: No Ordinary Storm: Disaster Films and the Media Culture of Climate Change

    Mentor: Dr. Stephen Perz

    Placement: Adjunct Instructor at University of Florida
    Petta-Gay HannahPh.D., Sociology, 2016

    Dissertation: CyberTrans: Virtual Spaces, Gendered Bodies, and the Transgender Movement Online
    Tianhan GuiPh.D., Sociology, 2016

    Placement: National Consultant, United Nations Development Programme, Independent Evaluation Office
    Kelsey HendersonPh.D., Criminology & Law, 2016

    Dissertation: Investigating Predictors of True and False Guilty Pleas

    Placement: Assistant Professor, Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice at Portland State University
    Ginger JacobsonPh.D., Sociology, 2015

    Dissertation: Living in a Cancer Cluster: Environmental Risk Perceptions in Contested Illness

    Mentor: Dr. Stephen Perz

    Placement: Visiting Assistant Professor at Nazareth College
    William JawdePh.D., Sociology, 2014

    Dissertation: Underlying Relationships Regarding Perceptions of Government Intervention in the United States from 1975 to 2010

    Mentor: Dr. Charles Gattone

    Placement: Senior Associate Director & Statistician, Institutional Research at Hofstra University
    Kevin JenkinsPh.D., Sociology, 2015

    Dissertation: I Think Therefore You Are: Detecting the Social Construction of Race in Medicine

    Mentor: Dr. Barbara Zsembik
    Kevin LynnPh.D., Sociology, 2015

    Dissertation: Who Defines Whole: The Environmental Justice and Urban Political Ecology of Flood Control and Community Relocation in Houston, TX

    Mentor: Dr. Stephen Perz
    Anneloes "Anne" MookPh.D, Sociology, 2019
    Kelesha NeversPh.D., Criminology & Law, 2014

    Dissertation: The Impact of Background and Demographic Differences on Selection Standards and Academy Performance

    Mentor: Dr. Lonn Lanza-Kaduce
    Kathryn Nutter-PridgenPh.D., Sociology, 2015

    Dissertation: “Don’t Call Me a Fence-Sitter; I’m a Bridge-Builder!” A Situational Analysis of Contemporary Bisexual Activism and New Social Movement Terrain

    Mentor: Dr. Kendal Broad

    Placement: Assistant Professor at Concord University
    Jongha ParkPh.D., Criminology & Law, 2015

    Dissertation: Applying General Strain Theory to Misconduct among South Korean Officers

    Mentor: Dr. Marvin Krohn

    Placement: Senior Superintendent at Korean National Police Agency
    Stephen PridgenPh.D., Sociology, 2019

    Placement: Employed by Concord University Department of Social Work and Sociology as an Assistant Professor
    Tameka Samuels-JonesPh.D., Criminology, Law, & Society, YEAR
    Kyle SearlesM.A., Sociology, 2019
    Zahra ShekarkharPh.D., Criminology & Law, 2015

    Dissertation: Substance Use among Immigrant Youth in Chicago

    Mentor: Dr. Chris Gibson

    Placement: Assistant Professor at Fayetteville State University
    Heidi SteinourPh.D., Sociology, 2015

    Dissertation: What is an At-Home Father? Connecting Organizational and Personal Narratives to Explore the Experiences of Men Who Are Primary Caregivers

    Mentor: Dr. Constance Shehan

    Placement: Adjunct Instructor at University of Florida
    Tolga TezcanPh.D, Sociology, 2019

    Placement: Employed by California State University School of Social, Behavioral & Global Studies as an Assistant Professor
    Ryan ThomsonPh.D, Sociology, 2019

    Placement:Employed by Auburn University Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology as an Assistant Professor
    Danielle TolsonPh.D., Criminology & Law, 2015

    Dissertation: Reconceptualizing Young Adults’ Defiant Responses to Parents, Teachers, Supervisors, and the Police

    Mentor: Dr. Lonn Lanza-Kaduce

    Placement: Assistant Professor at University of New Haven
    Ozcan TunalilarPh.D., Criminology & Law, 2016
    Claudia YouakimPh.D., Sociology, 2016

    Placement: Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology at Finlandia University