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Practicum/Internship Opportunities in the Criminology & Law Division

A practicum or internship (CCJ 4940) can enhance your undergraduate studies by providing an opportunity for students to gain valuable real-world experience. In order to enroll in an internship you must be 3LS or 4LS criminology major. While internships are not required of criminology majors, we encourage all students to consider taking advantage of the internship opportunities that are available. Students are expected to work for 160-180 hours to earn 3 credits. Practicum/internships are graded S-U. Only 3 credit hours of practicum/internship registration can be applied to the 34 credits needed for the major or to the 120 minimum credit hours needed for graduation.

Many practicum/internship placements occur in various agencies or organizations off campus (e.g., clerk of court, law enforcement, law office). Separate sections are available for law enforcement, law, court administration/victim services, juvenile justice, and corrections. There is an internship coordinator with whom you can work to make arrangements for these. Interns are expected to complete 160-180 hours with the agency/facility. There is a form that needs to be completed so that division staff can register you and enter grades at the end of the term. You will need to return the internship Completion Form completed by the Internship Supervisor to Dr. Michael Capece , no later than the Monday of the last week of classes for the semester in which you are enrolled.

Either a research or teaching internship can be completed on campus supervised by staff in the division. Research or teaching internships require 160-180 hours of time. Students need to make arrangements with the instructor or research supervisor and fill out a form that can be obtained from the undergraduate coordinator. Confidentiality rules restrict what students can do in teaching internships; the Institutional Review Board may also restrict what students can do on research internships.