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Sociology and Criminology Blogs

The following is a list of public Sociology and Criminology blogs from around the web. Each blog provides a critical view or set of resources for academics and public audiences alike. These may provide insight into recent research, sociological or criminological commentary on current events, or teaching resources for sociologists and criminologists. Please note that by including these links, the University of Florida Department of Sociology and Criminology & Law does not necessarily endorse all content; instead, we hope to provide resources for our current professors and instructors and to promote public engagement with sociology and criminology.


A blog that finds and reports on current social science research in the media.

Contexts Blog

The official blog for Contexts magazine, which provides sociological research articles aimed at general audiences.

CrimProf Blog

A blog that provides insights into current academic discussions in criminology and law.


Cyborgology examines our relationships with technology, including digital communications and tech devices, in everyday life. Writers provide both empirical and theoretical perspectives on human interactions with and uses of technologies.

Everyday Sociology

A public sociology blog with multiple contributing authors from a variety of research backgrounds. These writers provide jargon-free commentary on politics, education, health care and current events, as well as the rest of everyday life.

Family Inequality

A blog centered around family studies, though writer Philip Cohen applies his sociological perspective to current events as well.

Public Criminology

Writers Chris Uggen, Michelle Inderbitzin, and Sara Wakefield write critical essays on current events from a criminological perspective.

Sexuality & Society

Sexuality & Society provides a critical sociological and interdisciplinary perspective on sexuality, sexual health, and sexual policy.


A Tumblr where scholar JZ Garrod collects links and other curated content relating to sociological theory.

The Sociological Cinema Blog

This blog features more in-depth discussion of video clips featured on the main site, The Sociological Cinema, geared toward providing video resources for public sociology and the classroom.

Sociological Images

Sociological Images provides concise sociological perspectives on current images in the news and popular culture. These images are used to promote dialogue and practice using the sociological imagination in everyday life.

The Sociological Imagination

Essays from sociologists for both sociologists and the public. This blog also provides links to other public sociology on the web.


ThickCulture describes itself as a “multi-disciplinary blog about what makes culture ‘thick’ (public discourse, multiculturalism, technology, and civic engagement).”

Understanding Society

Daniel Little’s blog digs deeper into sociological theory and its applications to current events and social change.

White Collar Crime Prof Blog

Writers and editors Ellen S. Podgor, Lucian E. Dervan, Solomon L. Wisenberg, and Lawrence S. Goldman provide information and critical essays on white collar crime and related issues.