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Sociology and Criminology Podcasts

Below is a list of public sociology, criminology and multi-disciplinary social sciences podcasts. These podcasts are primarily comprised of interviews with authors about current social sciences research or public lectures in the social sciences. Please note that by including these links, the University of Florida Department of Sociology and Criminology & Law does not necessarily endorse all content; instead, we hope to provide resources for our current professors and students and to promote public engagement with sociology and criminology.

Contexts Podcast

The podcast for Contexts magazine features hour-long interviews with sociologists about recent research.

National Centre for Research Methods Podcast

This British podcast tackles both quantitative and qualitative methodological issues and questions.

New Books in Sociology

This podcast focuses on new sociology books and interviews with their authors.

Office Hours

In this podcast, host Matt Gunther interviews guest social scientists and discusses topics relevant to their research.

SAGE Criminology Podcast

The official SAGE Criminology podcast features interviews with authors of recent articles and editorials.

SAGE Sociology Podcast

SAGE Sociology presents interviews with authors on their current research and aims.

Social Science Bites

This podcast dives deep into discussions of social science theory.

Sociology Podcast

Authors of articles featured in Sociology discuss their work with editors of the journal.

Sociology Remix

Professor John Girdwood provides public recordings of his lectures in sociology.

The Sociological Review Podcast

Features interviews with individual sociologists about recent research and their pedagogy.

Thinking Allowed

A BBC Radio 4 podcast in which host Laurie Taylor interviews sociologists on their latest research and current events.


This podcast features discussions with a variety of social scientists on social, economic and health issues from the University Center for Social & Urban Research at the University of Pittsburgh.

Understanding Society

Features brief interviews with social scientists using data from the UK Household Longitudinal Study.

University of Oxford Centre for Criminology Podcast

Public lectures and discussions in criminology from the University of Oxford.

University of Oxford Department of Sociology Podcast

Lectures and interviews on current sociological research.