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December 5, 2019 — Matt Sapyta

Congratulations to David Cañarte and Thomas Smith!

David Cañarte and Thomas Smith, two PhD candidates in the UF Department of Sociology and Criminology & Law, recently received funding from two interdisciplinary research institutes at UF to complete their PhD research.

A sociology PhD candidate, David Cañarte received a Leonardo Fellowship from the UF One Health Center of Excellence. The award will support David’s project to systematically review and meta-analyze scientific literature and existing data sources on international migration as a social determinant of health in cross-national perspective. David, who will work with the supervision of Dr. Raffaele Vacca, will be part of an interdisciplinary network of collaborators in migration studies and health sciences between the University of Florida and the CERGAS Institute at Bocconi University in Italy.

Thomas B. Smith, a PhD candidate in criminology, received a UF Informatics Institute Graduate Fellowship. The fellowship will support his dissertation research, under Dr. Chris Gibson’s supervision, to establish a foundation for a biosocial theory of social support, genetics, and crime. Thomas, in collaboration with Dr. Raffaele Vacca, was also awarded a research grant from the UF One Health Center of Excellence to map scientific networks around UF one health research and to develop computational methods for evaluating the alignment of UF research with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.