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Sociology and Criminology & Law

Raffaele Vacca

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Office: Turlington Hall 3344
Fall 2020 Virtual Office Hours: Tuesday 3-5pm and by appointment

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  • International Migration (SYA 4930)
  • Health Disparities (SYA 6407)
  • Social Network Analysis (SYA 7933)
  • Methods of Social Research (SYA 4300)
  • Advanced Quantitative Methods (SYA 7933)
  • Introduction to Quantitative Methods (SYA 7933)


Areas of Specialization

  • Social networks
  • Migration
  • Health inequalities
  • Science and scientific collaboration

Selected Publications

  • McCarty, C., Lubbers, M., Vacca, R., & Molina, J. L. 2019. “Conducting personal
    network research. A practical guide.” Guilford Press.
  • Vacca, R. 2019. “Structure in personal networks: Constructing and comparing typologies.” Network Science, 1-26.
  • Vacca, R., Jeanne-Marie R. Stacciarini, and Mark Tranmer. 2019. “Cross-Classified Multilevel Models for Personal Networks: Detecting and Accounting for Overlapping Actors.” Sociological Methods & Research 004912411988245.
  • Vacca, R., Solano, G., Lubbers, M. J., Molina, J. L., & McCarty, C. 2018. “A personal network approach to the study of immigrant structural assimilation and transnationalism.” Social Networks, 53:72–89.
  • Leone Sciabolazza, V., Vacca, R., Kennelly Okraku, T., & McCarty, C. 2017. “Detecting and analyzing research communities in longitudinal scientific networks.” PLoS One, 12(8), e0182516.