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Culture and Conflict in Palestine/Israel: An international conference at UF

As diplomatic and military efforts to establish justice and peace in Palestine/Israel have reached a stalemate, we call for a closer look into the cultural sphere – not as a form of escapism but rather as a sphere that might generate potential transformative energies and affect other spheres. The conference brings together scholars of Israel/Palestine from diverse disciplines (including anthropology, architecture, history, literature, sociology, and political science) who share the view that the cultural sphere is a contested terrain, where actions and discourses promote various political goals. They will discuss how architecture, cartoons, cinema, collective calendars, cuisine, dress codes, nightclubs, poetry, popular music, and video art shape and are shaped by political processes.

This conference is organized by Dr. Tamir Sorek and will take place at the University of Florida on February 1-3, 2020:

Culture Conflict
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