Tamir Sorek

Professor of Sociology
Professor of Jewish Studies
Office: 205 Walker Hall
Hours: By appointment


Tamir Sorek studies social, political, and cultural dynamics that shape ethnic and national identities, particularly in the context of Israel/Palestine. Sorek combines both quantitative and qualitative methods in his work. In his book Arab Soccer in a Jewish State: The Integrative Enclave (Cambridge University Press 2007), Sorek illustrates how a seemingly innocent arena like sports is in effect a powerful political sphere, which has implications for ethnic, religious, civic, national identification, and even political behavior.  His book, Palestinian Commemoration in Israel: Calendars, Monuments, and Martyrs (Stanford University Press 2015), deals with the struggles over the representation of the Palestinian past in Israel. Currently he is writing a social biography of the Palestinian poet and political leader Tawfiq Zayyad.
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Undergraduate Courses

      • Sport, Society, and Politics
      • Israeli Society
      • Israelis and Palestinians
      • Contemporary Sociological Theory
      • Ethnic Conflicts in a Comparative Perspective


Areas of Specialization

      • Nationalism
      • Ethnic Conflicts
      • Sports
      • Collective Memory



      • Un terrain contesté : Les dilemmes d’un football arabe dans un État juif, Albin Michel, 2017 (in French).
      • Palestinian Commemoration in Israel: Calendars, Monuments, and Martyrs, Stanford University Press, 2015.
      • Nasionnalisme Palestina Di Lapangan Hijau: Sejarah Ringkas Sepak Bola Arab-Palestina di Wilayah Kekuasaan Israel Manna dan Salwa, 2010 (in Indonesian).
      • Arab Soccer in a Jewish State: The Integrative Enclave, Cambridge University Press, 2007.
      • Identities at Play, Magnes Press, 2006 (in Hebrew).
      • Messica, Fabienne and Tamir Sorek, Refuzniks israéliens – Ces soldats qui refusent de combattre en territoires occupés , Agnès Viénot Edition, 2003 (in French).


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