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December 17, 2019 — Matt Sapyta

Kids Who Tri – New book by William Marsiglio

Kids Who Tri is the latest book by UF sociologist William Marsiglio. Written for a general audience, the book has been endorsed by numerous national leaders in youth sports and triathlon including four Olympians and the CEO of USA Triathlon. As a social scientist, parent, and sports enthusiast, Marsiglio champions the virtues of an emerging sport, a slice of American sports culture—youth triathlon. Kids Who Tri systematically explores the links between youth triathlon, models of youth sports, and childrearing/coaching philosophies, while offering readers an insider’s view of the dynamic youth triathlon community. Drawing on interviews with parents, coaches, race directors, USA Triathlon staff, and young triathletes, as well as more than six years of intensive personal observations as “a tri-dad,” Marsiglio shows how embracing the multisport spirit teaches youth seven key life lessons while empowering them. He also reveals how youth triathlon has the potential to transform features of the American youth sports culture. This thought provoking book challenges leaders in youth sports and fitness, education, and community development to join forces to make youth triathlon a mainstream sport in our schools and communities. A sample of the book and the book endorsements can be accessed here.