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October 13, 2019 — Matt Sapyta

Collaborating across boundaries in social-ecological systems science

Palgrave MacMillan recently published Collaboration Across Boundaries for Social-Ecological Systems Science: Experiences Around the World, edited by Stephen G. Perz.

The book is an anthology of lessons learned about the challenges and strategies used by large federally-funded scientific teams to effectively span divides across academic disciplines, organizational types and countries. Crossing these and other boundaries is necessary to advance science to address complex problems, as in the case of social-ecological systems where sustainability is threatened.

Each chapter of the book reports the experience from a science team working in a different part of the world, spanning countries in several continents, encompassing numerous disciplines, and involving stakeholders in government, the private sector, indigenous tribes, and many other organizations and social groups. Perz draws out broader lessons from the experiences of these teams so that future collaborators in social-ecological systems science can overcome the challenges of crossing boundaries to work together effectively.