Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Family Studies


Wiley-Blackwell recently published a four-volumeĀ Encyclopedia of Family Studies, edited by Dr. Constance Shehan. From the publisher’s description:

The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Family Studies presents a comprehensive, interdisciplinary collection of the key concepts, trends, and processes relating to the study of families and family patterns throughout the world.

  • Includes over 530 contributions from expert family scholars working within various academic disciplines from around the world
  • Issues covered range from changing birth rates, fertility, and an aging world population to human trafficking, homelessness, famine, and genocide
  • Features entries that approach families, households, and kin networks from both a macro-level and micro-level perspective
  • Covers basic demographic concepts and long-term trends in various nations, the impact of globalization on families, global family problems, and many more
  • Highlights in-depth examinations of families in numerous nations in several world regions