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Sociology and Criminology & Law


The Sociology minor (available beginning Summer B 2015) offers diverse and multi-faceted coursework in the broad categories of health, illness and aging; marriage, families and gender; criminology and deviance; inequality, poverty and stratification; social psychology; and race and ethnic studies. Students learn about the most pressing social problems in these areas, as well as how these issues are experienced and perceived by different social groups. The communication and analytical skills developed by our students, as well as their sensitivity to and appreciation for diversity in many aspects of social relationships, give our minors a competitive edge in today’s global marketplace and information society.

The sociology minor requires a minimum of 15 semester hours of sociology coursework, as described below. All courses applied toward the 15 credits must be from courses completed under the SY prefix. This applies to “cross-listed” courses as well. Please see the undergraduate catalog for details:

The 15 minimum sociology credits must include:

  • SYG2000 (3 credits)
  • One Sociology elective course at the 2000 level or above (minimum 3 credits)
  • Three Sociology elective courses (minimum 9 credits) at the 3000 level or above

A grade of “C” or better is required for sociology courses to be credited toward the minor (a grade of “C-“ will not fulfill sociology requirements).

Courses taken S/U (pass/fail) will not be counted towards the minor.

Credits earned in SYA4911 and/or SYA4905 will not be counted towards the minor.