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What is the drop/add policy?

Our department follows one policy regarding adding into sociology sections: If there are available seats in any sociology section (with the exception of Methods, Theory, and non-classroom courses such as Internships and Research), they will appear open on the registration system. If the sections are full, the only way to add a seat is to continue to monitor One.UF for an open seat. If someone else drops, then you may add.

You will have direct access to OPEN seats in all sections for which you are ELIGIBLE to enroll (i.e., residential students can access open seats in residential sections; UFO students can access open seats in UFO sections; IA students can access open seats in IA sections only; post-bac for post-bac; high school dual enrollment, etc., etc.). If the system shows a message that you ARE NOT ELIGIBLE to enroll in a particular section, please move on to a different section. The message REALLY MEANS: You are not eligible to enroll in that section!

If you receive a message that says “THIS SECTION IS CLOSED,” then KEEP TRYING TO ADD! But remember: No one in the department–not the instructor, the chair, the office manager, or I as undergraduate coordinator–adds students into closed sections or sections for which they are not eligible. The department follows one policy for all seats in all sections. It is the only way to be fair to all students.

If you continue to monitor the system, then you will be able to add any seats that may open up (and they almost always do by the time drop/add is over for the semester). I understand the process of drop/add can be frustrating, but with so many students at UF, using only one system with one set of rules applicable to everyone is the only way to be fair.