Johanna Espin

Espin Photo

Degrees Earned and From Where:

  • M.A in Social Sciences majoring Local Development and Territory
    Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences FLACSO (Ecuador)Graduate Certificate in Human Rights
    Andean University Simon Bolivar (Ecuador)B.A in International Relations
    University San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador)

    B.A in Business Administration
    University San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador)

Research and Teaching Interests:

  • Illegal activities and environmental damage, conservation and development, and environmental crime in Latin America.

Dissertation Title:

  • The paths of development in the Amazon border of Peru. Analysis of the illegal exploitation of natural resources and illicit coca cultivation from a Global Commodity Chains approach

Dissertation Abstract:

  • The history of development in the Amazon borderlands of Peru has been deeply related to the illegal extraction of raw materials (in particular, timber and gold) and illegal coca cultivation. Considering an analysis of a first stage in global commodity chains, the research will be focused on examining the effects that existing illegal activities (logging, gold-mining and coca cultivation) in the province of Tahuamanu in Peru, –which have characterized development process in this border area– have had on forest conservation (environmental impacts) and local livelihood strategies (social impacts) in last years.The intention of conduct an analysis of this kind of economic structure (global commodity chains) is to expose that, although some component of them could be licit (e.g., distribution, commercialization), there is another large portion (e.g., exploitation, production) that could be illegal or has illegal elements. At the same time, the analysis will elucidate that those illegal activities that are part of global commodity chains are generating critical social and environmental impacts at a local level.