Robert White




Assistant Professor of Sociology




Turlington Hall 3356



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Robert G. White received his Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 2009. His current research concerns the relationship between health, schooling and adult socioeconomic attainment and the consequences for social inequalities. He uses data from the United States and England in a series of studies assessing the lasting effects of child health for educational achievement and adult earnings. His work links approaches for studying individual attainment to population level phenomena to characterize changes over time in social inequalities.

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Areas of Specialization

  • Stratification

  • Population Health

  • Life Course

  • Quantitative Methodology

  • Education

Selected Publications

  • Palloni, A., C. Milesi, R. G. White and A. Turner. 2009. “Early Childhood Health, Reproduction of Economic Inequalities and the Persistence of Health and Mortality Differentials.” Social Science and Medicine, 68(9): 1574-1582.

  • Bernardi, L. and R.G. White. 2009. “Close Kin Influence on Fertility Behavior.” In M. Kohli and P. Heady, (Eds.), Kinship and Social Security in Contemporary Europe: Alternative Approaches to the Political Economy of Kinship. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.

  • Palloni, A., C. Milesi, R. G. White and A. Turner. 2007. “Triggering Inequality and Health Gradients: Do Health Selection Effects Matter?” In J. Surkyn, J. van Bavel, and P. Deboosere, (Eds.), Demographic Challenges for the 21st Century: A state of the Art in Demography. Brussels: Vrije Universiteit Press.