Awards & Scholarships

Jack B. Humphries Leadership Award

    • Since its inception in 2004, the Jack B. Humphries Leadership Award in Sociology has recognized a graduating sociology major whose undergraduate record most exemplifies a combination of exceptional academic achievement and extensive leadership involvement in extra-curricular activities. The award was endowed by Jack B. Humphries, a UF sociology graduate, in memory of two sociology faculty, Dr. John Maclachan and Dr. Winston Ehrman.
    • Past recipients’ extra-curricular participation has been both extensive and expansive, including volunteer work in diverse community settings, overseas travel with international service organizations, and varied participation in social, political and religious groups. The award carries a medal of honor and a cash prize, which are presented to the winner at the Department’s annual Spring Undergraduate Reception.
  • Humphries Leadership Award Winners
    Many of our award winners have gone on to complete advanced professional and academic degrees, including a PhD in Sociology obtained by the first Humphries Leadership Award recipient, Dr. Jeanne Holcomb.
    2004 – Jeanne (Collins) Holcomb
    2005 – Nicole Motter
    2006 – Jennilyn Thiboult
    2007 – Kimberly S. Russell
    2008 – Omar Martinez
    2009 – Leah Greenblum
    2010 – Melissa A. Miller and Sasha M. Rodriguez (co-recipients)
    2011 – Daniel P. Hemme
    2012 – Matthew Michaels and Yanelis Zamora (co-recipients)
    2013 – Michael Barnes and Mary Eloise Velasco (co-recipients)
    2014– Yasmin S. Khan and Nancy N. Masood (co-recipients)
    2015—Tiana Brown
    • Eligibility Requirements:
      • Sociology major with a minimum of 19 credit hours of sociology (SY) coursework completed by the end of the current spring semester AND with an expected graduation date of the current spring semester or upcoming summer or fall semester.
      • Minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA in sociology coursework.
      • Record of active involvement in extra-curricular activities, especially in leadership roles (i.e., on-campus clubs, student government, pre-professional organizations, off-campus internships, non-profit organizations, and/or other organizational involvement, etc.)
  • Application Procedure:
    • Provide contact information (name, UF-ID, phone, email) and a one-page, single-spaced (approximately 400-500 words) description of how you are going to use your sociology major and extra-curricular activities in your chosen career path.
    • A transcript (unofficial is fine).
    • A resume or CV.
    • A letter of recommendation from one sociology faculty member or sociology graduate instructor (please submit with the rest of your application materials).
    • Application deadline: The application procedure is usually announced mid-way through the spring semester, and application packets are typically due to the Undergraduate Coordinator in March. Please check email announcements for exact dates.

Academic Excellence Award in Sociology

    • Each spring, a graduating sociology major, or majors, is recognized for their academic achievements, particularly in their sociology coursework. There is no formal application process. The winner is chosen from among those honors graduates conducting a senior thesis in sociology. The award is made based on the students’ academic record and their final honors thesis designation. The award, which carries a medal of honor, is presented at the Department’s annual Spring Undergraduate Reception.
  • Past Recipients of the Academic Excellence Award in Sociology
    • 2003 – Erin Toole
    • 2005 – Christine Armstrong
    • 2006 – Jorge Montesino
    • 2007 – Kimberly S. Russell and Jennilyn Thiboult (co-recipients)
    • 2008 – Daniel J. Kretz and Omar Martinez (co-recipients)
    • 2009 – Leah Greenblum and Catharine Martinez (co-recipients)
    • 2010 – Rachele A. DeGraff and Robyn H. Ziperstein (co-recipients)
    • 2011 – Cody L. Jarrett and Kate E. Rapp (co-recipients)
    • 2012 – Antionette McFarlane and Matthew Michaels (co-recipients)
    • 2013 – Kalliope Cortessis
    • 2014—Stephanie A. Dhuman and Randi C. Hall (co-recipients)
    • 2015—Essa Samarah

CLAS Scholarships

  • Sociology majors are eligible for numerous scholarships offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences , including the O. Ruth McQuown Award, the Cynthia W. Colangelo Award for Breast Cancer Awareness, McNair Fellowships, the University Scholars Program, and a number of CLAS Dean’s Office Scholarships. . Students are encouraged to check the current scholarship and award opportunities listed on the CLAS website,