Special Topics Courses Spring 2017

CCJ4934 section 1D50
Jennifer Jarrett
Email: jenniferljarrett@ufl.edu
T4 R4-5, FLG0230

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CCJ4934 section 1C51
Dr. Chris Gibson
Email: clgibson@ufl.edu
T5-6 R6, LAR 0310

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CCJ4934 section 1C62
Dr. Michael Capace
Email: mcapace@ufl.edu
MWF6, LIT 0210

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CCJ4934 section 4378
Tameka Samuels-Jones
Email: tsamuels.jones@ufl.edu
T8-9, TUR 2350

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CCJ4934 section 1E46
Lauren Henry
Email: l.m.henry@ufl.edu
T7 R7-8, LIT 0210

The media is one of the world’s most important and rapidly changing social institutions. The relationship between media and crime & justice is not a new phenomenon, but it continuously evolving.  This course delves into important features of that relationship, including the role of the media in constructing images about crime and justice, in shaping our perceptions of reality about crime and justice, and in influencing our debates about criminal justice policies.


CCJ4934 section 1C49
Dr. Erika Brooke
Email: ejbrooke@ufl.edu
MWF8, LIT 0113

It is a well-known fact that the U.S. has the largest number of people incarcerated in the world. American jails and prisons contain roughly 2.2 million people. This course is designed to provide students with an in-depth look at U.S. prisons and jails. Students are exposed to the various practical, social, political and moral issues in institutional corrections. Emphasis is placed on the following: prison and jail history; administrative and management features of correctional institutions; various alternatives to incarceration including treatment and rehabilitation; and current and future trends in institutional corrections.


CCJ4934 section 08H1
Dr. Erika Brooke
Email: ejbrooke@ufl.edu
MWF5, LIT 0113

In the past 30 years, the presence of women within the criminal justice system has dramatically increased. This course examines the evolution of society’s views of women in the criminal justice system. Students will explore the various theoretical frameworks and empirical literature as it pertains to women as victims and offenders of crime. Considerable attention is also given to women as professionals within the criminology and criminal justice fields.