Tom Smith

Thomas Smith is a Graduate Fellow at University of Florida’s Sociology and Criminology & Law department. His interests are predominantly centered on biosocial and life course criminology, focusing primarily on biological moderators and predictors of criminal development throughout the life course, with a tertiary interest in prisons and prisoner treatment. During his time at University of Pennsylvania Thomas developed an interest in quantitative research methods which has since strengthened, further expanding his knowledge of regression while adding structural equation modeling, meta-analysis, and social network analysis to his repertoire. Moreover, Thomas is adept at using an array of statistical software including R, Stata, MPlus, and SPSS.


Degrees Earned:

B.A., Sociology, University of Birmingham, 2014

M.S., Criminology, University of Pennsylvania, 2015


Research Interests:

Biosocial and Life Course Criminology

Quantitative Methods

Incarceration and Prisoner Treatment

General Strain Theory

Social Support Theory