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Stephen Perz received his PhD in sociology with a specialization in demography from the University of Texas at Austin in 1997. He is an affiliate of UF’s Center for Latin American Studies and UF’s School of Natural Resources and Environment. He has conducted research in the Amazon on migration into frontier regions, socio-economic drivers of land use and land cover change, socio-spatial processes of road building, and the social-ecological impacts of infrastructure. He has received more than $16 million in funding from NASA, NSF and USAID and other sources, for research as well as applied conservation and development work. He focuses primarily on the southwestern Amazon, specifically the tri-national frontier where Bolivia, Brazil and Peru meet. His work features collaboration across disciplinary, national and organizational boundaries. He has over 90 peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals, plus various book chapters and other items. In 2014, he was named a UF Foundation Term Professor. In 2015, he was selected the UF International Educator of the Year for Senior Faculty. In 2016, he published his book on the challenges and strategic practices of spanning boundaries in research and environmental management, Crossing Boundaries for Collaboration: Conservation and Development Projects in the Amazon. In addition to serving on numerous graduate committees, he has chaired nearly 30 MA thesis and PhD dissertation students in the Department of Sociology and Criminology & Law, the Center for Latin American Studies, and the School of Natural Resources and Environment.



Undergraduate Courses

Graduate Courses

  • Core Issues in Environmental and Resource Sociology (SYD 6518)


Areas of Specialization


  • Environmental Sociology

  • Sociology of Development

  • Sociology of Latin America

  • Global and Transnational Sociology

  • Rural Sociology

  • Demography

I conduct research on the social and ecological impacts of infrastructure on developing regions. This involves collaboration with other faculty and graduate students in various departments, centers, and schools at UF. I focus on the Amazon, specifically the “MAP” region in the southwestern corner of the basin where Bolivia, Brazil and Peru meet. There, I collaborate with scholars across many disciplines, countries and types of institutions. We have received funding from NSF for interdisciplinary, international research projects to collect socio-economic, botanical and remote sensing data in order to develop and evaluate dynamic simulation models. I also work with numerous individuals and institutions in the MAP frontier on applied conservation and development projects. With funding from USAID, we have trained thousands of stakeholders in skills to improve natural resource management, we have facilitated numerous policy dialogue events to address institutional questions and resource conflicts, and we have supported planning processes for more sustainable territorial and watershed management. We have also built capacity in regional universities to apply scientific teaching techniques, to conduct applied research, and to publish in international scientific journals.

Selected Publications

  • Stephen G. Perz  (2015) “From Networks to Hierarchies? Insights from the Experiences of the MAP Consortia.” Accepted for publication in MAPiense II, publication of the MAP Initiative, Cobija, Pando, Bolivia. English manuscript 16 pages, Spanish version 18 pages.

  • Stephen Perz, Wendeson Castro, Rafael Rojas, Jorge Castillo, I. Foster Brown, Andrea Chavez Michaelsen, Mishari Garcia Roca, Oscar Guadalupe, Tania Gutierrez, Ana Hurtado, Tina Lerner, Zenobio Mamani, Julio Mayna, Herison Medeiros, Ricardo Mello, Veronica Passos, Rosa Andrea Ponce de Leon, Juan Fernando Reyes, Marcelo Saavedra, Fronika de Wit, Nancy Acuña, Gabriel Alarcón, and Daniel Rojas (2015) “La Amazonía como un Sistema Socio-ecológico: Las Dinámicas de Cambios Complejos Humanos y Ambientales en una Frontera Tri-nacional.” Chapter accepted for publication in Perspectivas Socio-Ecológicas sobre Cambios Globales en América Latina, eds. Julio Postigo and Kenneth Young. Manuscript 51 pages.

  • Convertino, Matteo, Rafael Muñoz-Carpena, Gregory A. Kiker, and Stephen G. Perz 2014 “Design of Optimal Ecosystem Monitoring Networks: Hotspot Detection and Biodiversity Patterns.” Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment. Published online, DOI 10.1007/s00477-014-0999-8.

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