Tolga Tezcan


Degrees Earned and Where From:

  • Middle East Technical University – Social Policy (2010-2013)
    Middle East Technical University – Sociology (2004-2009)

Research and Teaching Interests:

  • Migration, Ethnicity, Disability, Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping, Quantitative Methods

Dissertation Title:

  • The Social, Cultural and Economic Patterns of Hometown Associations (HTAs): The Case of Turkish HTAs in both Germany and Turkey

Dissertation abstract:

The main objective of this research is to determine and classify the social, cultural and economic patterns of Turkish hometown associations in both Germany and Turkey. In this way, also to realize a total needs analysis which can improve understanding of Turkish HTAs dynamics with regards to problem solving at local and national levels. HTAs fulfill a wide variety of economic, cultural, social and political functions related to the needs of migrants in a new area and HTAs are ‘the new faces’ of the emigration countries. HTAs have been constructed not only to ease participation in mainstream activities but also to eliminate the effects of “institutional discrimination,” a vehicle underpinned by the dominant ideology to limit minority group members’ socioeconomic status in society through specific institutions within the political economy. There is a lack of research on the associations of Turkish migrants to Germany. The unique aspect of this study is that it concentrates on HTAs in both the host and the home country since it is hard to understand the immigrants’ institutional homeland oriented activities in the host country without examining their activities in the home country and the solidarity construction of hemşehri (those who come from the same town/city). The proposed research will be a mixture of qualitative and quantitative research methodology using in-depth interview, survey research techniques and fuzzy cognitive mapping (FCM).