Marian Borg



Associate Professor of Sociology

Undergraduate Coordinator, Sociology




Turlington 3364



By appointment







Marian J. Borg received her PhD from the University of Virginia in 1994. Her research focuses on the sociology of crime, deviance and social control and examines both legal and non-legal strategies of conflict management. Her publications have appeared in Criminology, Law and Society Review, and Deviant Behavior. Dr. Borg has been the Undergraduate Coordinator in Sociology since 2002 and has received University recognition as both a College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Teacher of the Year (1997) and Advisor of the Year (2007).




Areas of Specialization

  • Social Control

  • Deviance

  • Criminology

Marian Borg’s research examines various processes of social control including those involving the law, violent confrontation, surveillance and mediation. She addresses the central question: How does the structure of social relationships influence the strategies used by individuals or groups to respond to conflict?  Dr. Borg’s work has examined juvenile violence as conflict management, the use of the death penalty as a legal mechanism of social control, variation in clearance rates across US cities, small-claims mediation processes, and employee drug-testing as organizational surveillance.

Current Projects

Dr. Borg’s current research involves interviews with county court judges and focuses on their judicial philosophies, sentencing practices, inter-collegial relationships, and identity management.


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